President Cheng welcomes significant investment in higher education in FY 2018 budget

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Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng praised Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the members of the Arizona Legislature for passing a budget that included the most significant investment in Arizona’s three state universities in more than a decade.

“Our deep gratitude goes to every member of the Arizona Legislature for this year’s extensive discussion about the partnership between the State of Arizona and our public universities,”

Cheng said. “We know how important an educated workforce is for the state’s economy, and we appreciate the support and leadership from Gov. Ducey and legislative leaders.”

The budget reflects both NAU’s future and its roots by including an annual appropriation of $27 million for the state’s universities for the next 25 years for critical capital investments and increased accessibility for Arizona’s brightest to pursue a teaching career at any one of Arizona’s public universities. This long-term state investment in university infrastructure, paired with already committed university resources, will allow approximately $1 billion in bonding opportunities and provide Arizona’s university students with the necessary facilities and resources to pursue their degrees and prepare to enter Arizona’s workforce.

NAU is proud to say Arizona residents comprise nearly 70 percent of our 30,000-student population statewide. This investment will have a significant impact on Arizonans and their families for many years to come.

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