Are you True Blue NAU?

True blue fans

The True Blue Spirit Award, which recognizes students and staff who show their university pride by wearing NAU gear on Fridays, is back with a few twists.

In addition to winners receiving the True Blue traveling trophy and having their photo displayed on the True Blue NAU website, they also will receive coupons for a 20 percent discount at the NAU Bookstore, be entered in a drawing to win a textbook scholarship and be featured on the Skydome JumboTron during sporting events.

How it works

NAU offices or departments can submit a new group photo every week. Each photo entry earns points that can be tracked on the True Blue NAU Leaderboard. The Spirit Award will be presented to the department with the most points at the end of each semester.

Group photos at official university events are worth more points, with photo challenges announced throughout the semester that also are worth extra points. The department with the most points accumulated at the end of the semester wins the True Blue NAU Trophy and associated winner’s package.

The Rules

  • Submit a new photo by Friday each week to
  • Photos must show at least two or more members of your group wearing True Blue NAU gear.
  • Standard group photos earn 1 point.
  • Group photos at official university events earn 5 points.
  • “Challenge” photos earn 3 or more points.
  • Keep it clean, be creative and have fun!

The leaderboard will reset each semester, but an all-time leaderboard will allow accumulated points for annual awards.

Visit to see the current leaderboard.