Answers to your parking questions

The upcoming changes to NAU’s parking situation, beginning when parking lot 1 is closed to build the conference center complex, continues to generate questions. If you have a query, e-mail

Q: What does “modify P28” parking area mean? Will the whole lot be closed or a large portion of it?

ANSWERS: Meters along the south end of P28 will be removed and the stalls will be converted to employee and resident parking, which should add 14 parking spaces for students and staff.

Q: Nowhere in the [previous Inside NAU] article does it mention how many spaces we lost when the parking lot (P14) was closed on Riordan where they are building the new parking garage. How many spaces did we lose there? Also how many spaces did we lose when part of the parking lot was taken to build the new applied sciences building?

A: P14, where the new 800-space parking garage is under construction, originally held 208 stalls for students and staff. Construction of the Applied Research and Development building cut 190 student and staff stalls in P29.

NOTE: Inside NAU also received a question regarding the effect on recreational and NCAA tennis as a result of the conversion of the outside courts to parking stalls. We are still gathering information and hope to have the answer next week.