Alumni Survey shows extreme satisfaction with NAU experience

Graduates from Northern Arizona University are extremely satisfied with their education and feel they got their money’s worth, according to NAU’s 2005 Alumni Survey.

Ninety-nine percent of alumni who responded to 2005 surveys by the Office of Planning, Budget and Institutional Research rated their overall experience at NAU as either good or excellent. Ninety-five percent of alumni feel the value of their education was worth the cost, and 93 percent of respondents would choose to attend NAU again if starting over.

“The sentiments expressed by these new alums are the same as those expressed by alums who graduated 10 or even 50 years ago—NAU was one of the best decisions of their life,” said Josh Allen, director of Alumni Relations. “What is also great about being part of the NAU family is that the connection does not stop after graduation.”

NAU has been surveying its alumni for nine years to track how good a job the university is doing in preparing students for graduate school, landing and keeping good jobs and life in general. Alumni are asked to rate their satisfaction on topics such as NAU faculty, career advising, their development of certain skills and their overall NAU experience.

“This feedback helps the university shape programs to meet the academic and personal needs of future students,” said Christy Arazan, planning and policy analyst in the Office of Planning and Institutional Research.

A summary of alumni satisfaction trends from 1997-2005 reports a positive trend in all ratings:

  • Overall results from alumni surveys indicate that student satisfaction continues to be high, with a general satisfaction rating at 97 percent to 99 percent. While there is variation in the satisfaction within the surveyed areas over the seven years, one positive trend is the consistently high satisfaction ratings in all areas.
  • There has been a steady trend of improvement in the following areas of academic counseling: advising students prior to choosing a major, advising students with a major and helping students achieve career goals.
  • Satisfaction with faculty continues to be rated very high and has continued to increase over the years, ranging from 92 percent to 98 percent. For the last two years, 97 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with faculty instruction.
  • The large majority of NAU alumni have been employed since completing their undergraduate degree at NAU (depending on the year, anywhere from 88 percent to 95 percent). Of the students who have been regularly employed, 68 percent to 85 percent have careers related to their NAU degrees.

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