ADEQ grant promotes recycling at Skydome

Environmental quality

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality awarded a $10,000 grant to NAU to promote recycling at the J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome.

The university will use the grant to purchase recycling bins to collect recyclable items during NAU sporting events and other activities at the Skydome.

NAU will also put messages promoting recycling on the stadium’s four electronic billboards during games and will run print ads and public service radio announcements encouraging recycling.

The grant to NAU is another major component in ADEQ’s effort to promote recycling at public university sports facilities in Arizona.

“We are absolutely delighted to be working with NAU to promote recycling at the Skydome,” ADEQ Director Steve Owens said. “This program has been a huge success at the other sports venues where we have implemented it, and we look forward to similar results at NAU. A lot of items being thrown away at sporting events can be recycled. The Skydome is a great place to watch a game, and this program is a great way to make recycling possible there. It also will remind people who attend NAU events of the benefits of recycling and helps them make recycling a part of everyday life.”