Add/Drop deadlines changed for fall

The add/drop deadline for 16-week classes has moved to the eighth day of the semester, beginning this fall. Sept. 9 is the last day for students to add a class without filing a petition and paying a $25 late add fee or drop a class without it appearing as a “W” on students’ transcripts.

Previously, the add deadline was two weeks into the semester with the drop deadline four weeks into the semester. President John Haeger approved the change this summer as requested by the Policy Audit Committee.

University registrar Pamela Anastassiou said bringing the deadlines together will allow students to fill spaces in available courses, and faculty members are a key partner in communicating the change to students.

“It is important that faculty members update calendar information in their syllabi and on their web pages,” Anastassiou said.

The office of the registrar calendar is available online.