NAU faculty complete ACUE’s nationally accredited program in effective teaching

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Several Northern Arizona University faculty members have completed the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) certificate in effective college instruction.

NAU offered the program to further enhance faculty’s members’ teaching skills. Thirty-nine participants completed 25 rigorous modules equivalent to a 3-credit graduate course. Participants were provided with transferable tips and tools to improve different aspects of teaching. This training is part of a partnership between ACUE and NAU.

“Congratulations to the successful participants, whose dedication to this intense curriculum alongside existing responsibilities is impressive,” President Rita Cheng said. “It speaks to their commitment to strengthening teaching and learning as we strive to enhance our students’ success. ACUE continues to be a great partner in NAU’s mission of providing a high-quality education to our all of our students.”

Program participants spanned multiple departments across various aspects of NAU.

College of Arts and Letters

  • Cathryn Ellis
  • George Speer
  • James Leve
  • Stacy Murison
  • Yuly Asencion Delaney

College of Education

  • Ishmael Munene
  • Marti Canipe
  • Rebecca Campbell

College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences

  • Adonna Rometo
  • Ana Araya-Anchetta
  • Bruce Fox
  • David John
  • Fethuye Ozis
  • Mar-Elise Hill
  • Mohamed Elwakil
  • Sharon Cardenas
  • Xi Zhou

College of Health and Human Services

  • Holly Aungst
  • Jeffrey Foucrier
  • Kortney Zesiger

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Amy Dryden
  • Janina Fenigsen
  • Jason Whetten
  • Leila Monaghan

The W. A. Franke College of Business

  • Eric Yordy
  • Jenny Staskey
  • Kevin Aguas
  • Leonard Hostetter
  • Lisa Hewes
  • Margaret Dunfee
  • Mark Molinaro
  • Shirley Navarro
  • Theresa Bierer

Honors College

  • Cassandra Dakan

Extended Campuses

  • Jason Myrowitz
  • Rosalicia Cordova
  • Ruth Whisler

E-Learning Center

  • Flower Darby

Academic Transition Programs

  • Shawna Bowen