Students: Keep up the good work and ask for help!

Two students sit at a table with laptops at the Academic Success Center.

Terri Hayes headshotThe semester is half over. Are your grades where you want them to be? Now is a great time to look at how you’re doing in classes, whether you understand the subjects or identify areas in which you may be struggling. Did you know you can go to your professor’s office hours to ask for help? Or that NAU offers a slew of other resources to enable students to be successful in the class. Terri Hayes, the director of University Advising, talks about the various resources—including those you know about and some you may not—and how to access all the help available to Lumberjacks.

Being a student brings with it some challenges. But you can do it! Part of a successful experience will likely involve some support along the way. As midterms approach and the fall weather begins, take advantage of resources at NAU designed to help you excel! Don’t wait to the last minute to seek out support. Here are some of the resources available to you—check them out! 

  • Advisors: Advisors are professional staff or faculty who can provide guidance as you progress through college. Your advisor is listed in LOUIE, and you can sign up for an appointment or find drop-in hours online.  
  • Mentors: Mentoring programs use peers and professional staff to connect students to resources and social networks, offer guidance, support academic achievement and encourage positive and healthy development throughout your time in college. Most freshmen have a mentor at NAU. Find out more by visiting the Student Affairs Mentoring webpage today.  
  • Peer Academic Coaches: PACs are current students who can work with you 1-1 to develop strong learning strategies including time management, test-taking, reading and writing. They may even call or message you if your faculty send an early alert. Sign up to meet with a PAC! 
  • Community Assistants: For those of you living in university housing, your CA is a fellow Lumberjack who lives nearby and is a trained peer leader who can assist with personal, academic and social concerns. Your CA can help you connect to campus and get involved.  

Maybe you have found some interesting courses and you are thriving. Maybe you have questions or want some additional support in your classes. Ninety-six percent of NAU students believe asking for help with classes is a strength, not a weakness. NAU is here to help!  

Want to meet with your professor?  

  • Office hours – Faculty are here for you—take advantage of office hours to check in on your course progress, ask for tips/guidance and ask questions about your class content. 
  • F2S Alert—If you receive a note from your faculty member through the F2S (Faculty2Student Outreach) alert via email, follow through. The F2S alerts are designed to help faculty deliver feedback about your class performance. If you get a note via email, follow-up on the recommendations. 

Need a little extra help understanding what you’re learning? 

The Academic Success Centers (ASC) offer a wide variety of services to help you succeed academically. Free 1-on-1 tutoring and supplemental instruction (SI) are the most popular services and support you with class content. They can also help with test-taking strategies, time management, note-taking and more!Schedule an appointment today!  

Need help with writing? 

  • The Lumberjack Writing Center can work with you at any stage of the writing process, particularly organizing and writing research papers, as well as rhetorical awareness. More than 3,000 Lumberjacks have used the Writing Center, so you are not alone if you reach out for help. Learn more or request an appointment.  

Need help with math? 

Want to explore the library? 

  • Cline Library has study rooms, a MakerLab, laptops and equipment you can check out for free and research librarians who can help you get started on that research paper. Stop by or check out the library’s resources online.  
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