ABOR adopts new tribal consultation policy

Chad Hamill

The Arizona Board of Regents has approved a tribal consultation policy  governing interactions between the state’s universities and Arizona’s tribes. The policy addresses land use, education policy and research by the universities on tribal nations.

“This policy recognizes the importance of proper consultation with tribes in terms of research, initiatives, agreements, and policies concerning any of the 22 tribes in Arizona and their members,” said Chad Hamill, NAU’s special assistant on Native American Affairs.

Under the new guidelines, research will be based on collaboration, consultation, data ownership agreements and confidentiality.

“Tribes will be more invested in university-driven initiatives while educators will benefit from having clearer guidelines to follow,” Hamill said. “This policy will strengthen the bond between universities and their tribal partners in Arizona.”

Since 2011, the regents have been developing this policy, which replaces three older policies, designed to reflect shared goals between NAU, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and sovereign tribal governments in the state.