Students give high rankings to NAU experience


Northern Arizona University students report effective engagement and teaching practices in the 2015 National Survey of Student Engagement.

Most students rated their overall experience at NAU as excellent or good and said they would attend the university again.

Compared to respondents at peer institutions, students reported higher satisfaction related to interactions with faculty, including undergraduate research opportunities. NAU respondents also reported devoting more time to course-related reading and writing than peers.

“The high quality of student-faculty interaction is a hallmark of the NAU experience,” said NAU President Rita Cheng. “It is gratifying to hear students tell us how effectively our faculty are fulfilling our commitment to student success.”

Other highlights from the survey include high levels of community-based projects, collaboration with other students and NAU’s support of students’ academic success.

Randomly selected participants in the recent survey included 669 freshmen and 368 seniors, who answered dozens of questions relating to their learning experiences at NAU.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching sponsors the annual survey.