Discover. Create. Share. 2023 Undergrad Symposium

The 15th annual Undergraduate Symposium, which provides an opportunity for undergraduate students throughout the university to showcase their research, creative activities and scholarship from the past year, is scheduled for April 28 at the High Country Conference Center.  This year, there will be more than 425 different presentations that will be shared by more than 950 students, who will share their work with a general audience, build their communication skills, network with community members and showcase the incredible accomplishments Lumberjacks are capable of.  

“The tagline—to discover, create and share—encapsulates the work of the students who present at the symposium,” said Tina Zecher, assistant director in the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. “It is about discovering answers to questions through research, creating something new, whether it be music, art or a new approach to addressing climate challenges, and then sharing this information with a broader audience to progress the body of knowledge available to make the world a better place.” 

In addition to the benefits the symposium provides the student presenters, Zecher noted that this event is significant to different audiences as well.  

“It is a way for faculty, staff, alumni and community partners to connect with our students and be invigorated by the cutting-edge research and creative endeavors in which our students are engaged. The symposium is a celebration of our students and their work, a way to get the full scope of the real-world issues they are tackling in their disciplines.” 

Furthermore, Zecher said, the symposium holds  personal significance for her. 

“For me, the Undergraduate Symposium is one of those moments where I am reminded of why I am here at NAU, why I love what I do and what it is all about: the students. It is truly inspiring to see the wide range of research and creative activities conducted at NAU and gives me hope that the next generation will be able to solve the world’s greatest challenges.” 

She encouraged everyone to stop by the symposium to support the students.  

“They have dedicated an incredible amount of time to their work this past year and are excited to share it with you. I promise you, even if you only stop by for a short while, you will learn something new and you will be inspired by our students.” 

See the schedule and learn more about the event.

NAU Communications