On #NAUGiving Day, another record broken

A student in a Giving Day shirt gives a thumbs up.

Lumberjacks showed up on March 29, both in-person and virtually, and showed their commitment to NAU in a record-breaking Giving Day.

In one day, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and community supporters contributed $567,911 to scholarships and athletics to research to student projects, emergency resources, Native American initiatives and more.

Of the money raised, challenge gifts accounted for $294,019. Fundraisers led by student groups accounted for more than $22,000 from 444 gifts. Additionally, almost 200 students showed up to pick up trash throughout campus, more than 200 volunteers worked at booths at various campuses and more than 60 students served as social media ambassadors.

NAU’s Impact Funds also had a standout day:

  • Essential Needs Impact Fund (115 gifts totaling $13,388)
  • Education Opportunities Impact Fund (31 gifts totaling $3,817)
  • Sustainability Impact Fund (32 gifts totaling $2,985)
  • Inclusion and Equity Impact Fund (30 gifts totaling $2,930)
  • Wellness Impact Fund (25 gifts totaling $2,107)
  • Lumberjack Community Impact Fund (15 gifts totaling $1,315)

Still want to donate? Visit the NAU Foundation page and explore the available funds. And it’s not too late to visit #NAUGivingDay on Twitter to see people’s shoutouts and the well-dressed Lumberjack pets.





NAU Communications