A crowd-sourced list of NAU students’ favorite classes

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The NAU Review asked students their favorite classes and what made them so good. Read their answers.

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Grace Morris, junior, mechanical engineering

  • Fluid Dynamics, ME 395
  • The class is well-structured and interesting. You never think about how water moves or why it’s important, but it’s all really interesting and important.

Cassidy Spurgin, senior, early childhood and special education

  • Intro to Education, EDF200, with Professor Annie Watson
  • This class made me excited to become a teacher and showed me important things to consider in my classroom.

Sarah Gauthier, junior, political science

  • Developing Nations, POS 361
  • I am currently taking this class, and it has been one of the most insightful political science classes I’ve taken at NAU. Dr. Eyal Bar has the class set up for a lot of student engagement and discussion, so we get to learn about the subject while also hearing peer thoughts and having a discussion that interests us and our passions. This class has taught me a lot and has been super fun!

Jessica Watson, master’s student, public administration

  • Women, Policy, and Public Admin, POS 536, with Sara Rinfret
  • This excellent class provided a feminist lens into public administration, which is not always discussed. We had notable guest speakers sharing their experiences, work, and research in the field. Dr. Rinfret is also a fantastic professor and immensely talented.
  • Managing Crisis in the Public Sector, POS 581
  • This class was very engaging. It made you think on your feet and consider the bigger picture. We had weekly emergency scenarios to create plans of action for. It also led to a new appreciation for the work emergency management teams do that I had not been aware of prior.

Megan Smith, freshman, psychological sciences

  • Communication Disorders in Society, CSD 191
  • This class really gives an insight into the different communication disorders and how each affects an individual. It also allowed me to consider double majoring because of how passionate my instructor was (Professor Mary Harmon) plus the information that I learned in the course.

Ella Conner, freshman, CCS art history

  • Museum Studies and Topics in Museum Studies, MST 250 and 460
  • These classes are both fascinating and very interactive. In 460, you are given lots of freedom to design exhibits, but you are given advice and instruction that is very useful to the museum field.

Alison, alumna, English and women’s and gender studies

  • Women, Gender Identity And Ethnicity, WGS 191
  • This class covers so many important pieces of theory in regard to the treatment of marginalized groups in western culture, including women, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. I took this course freshman year, and it changed my life. Everyone should take this class because it gives insight to how marginalized groups have been treated throughout history and is very eye-opening for people who have grown up in privilege.

AJ Swartz, alumnus, management

  • Women, Gender Identity And Ethnicity, WGS 191
  • Opened my eyes to perspectives that I never encountered growing up.

Kai Taras, freshman, broadcast journalism

  • English Grammar and Usage, ENG 220
  • The assignments in the class are designed to get you to interview other people, and I find it very interesting to hear their opinions. I’ve made some really nice friends in the class, who are also exchange students. There is a lot of diversity in the class, and it’s really nice to see!

Kiya Renee, junior, secondary education-English

  • Teaching Adolescents with Disabilities, ESE 330
  • Dr. L really opens your eyes and makes you really think about how to make classrooms and education accessible to all. You learn not only the history, but how easy and simple it can be to include everyone in education. Everything I learned in this class will be helpful in my future classroom.

Emily Kuhl, alumna, forestry

  • Gender and Nature, WGS 410
  • Helped me understand the world around me and how society views it. This course was beneficial because it was reading and discussion intensive, which are both great skills.

Sandra Orozco, senior, psychological sciences

  • Aztec, Maya, and their Predecessors, ANT 253
  • (ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF DR. AWE) This class had elements of history, mythology, anthropology and cultural/global awareness to the Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples of Meso-America. Who WOULDN’T want to learn about coprolites (ancient feces), teosinte (earliest cultivation and specimen of corn) and tzompantlis (skull racks to ward off incoming threats)!!

Ryan Gilbert, senior, history

  • Museum Studies, MST 250
  • You can research any topic as long as it has an archival source. I was able to research a short history of Navajo rug weavings and how certain designs came about.

Elliot Foran, junior, English-linguistics and museum studies

  • Trans Existence and Resilience, WGS 315
  • Dr. Ari is a great professor, and the coursework is interesting and engaging. Also because queer people are awesome.

Liz White, senior, secondary education-history

  • Teaching and Learning Government Economics, HIS 430
  • Professor Carlson is amazing at teaching methods for teaching hard history in the classroom!

Maddy Floyd, sophomore, visual communications

  • Drawing Fundamentals 2, ART 136
  • I was able to have fun with my friends in that class and be able to improve my skills as an artist in a more flexible way. This class sharpens your skills as an artist while allowing you to explore your creativity in a free setting.

Olive C, senior, art education

  • Children’s Art Program, ARE 432, with Janeece Henes
  • I rediscovered my passion and why I want to teach in the first place. Not only was the class content educational but so was the way Janeece handles a classroom with grace.

Angela Brauer, junior, humanities and interdisciplinary studies

  • Humanistic Values in a Technological Society, HUM371
  • I really enjoyed this course, and it is my favorite because of the way it was taught, with sways, lectures, Zooms and films. The messages of the course really came together, and I enjoyed the journey and final project as well. It didn’t feel like work, it was fun.

Andrew, junior, political science

  • Medieval Philosophy, PHI 340
  • I recommend this class both for the content and the professor. The content of this class surrounds philosophy in the Middle Ages.

Kirik Kirkov, doctoral student, communication

  • Indigenous Anthropology, ANT 465
  • It gave me the idea of place-based sociocultural studies and research, where academic leaders are indigenous scholars. It also taught me how to build academic bridges instead of walls on global level.

Jonathan Reale, junior, history

  • Pre-Modern East Asia History, HIS 250, Professor Derek Heng
  • The professor was incredibly funny, and was able to use his experiences in Asia to bring us closer to the content. The lectures were engaging, and he encouraged friends to work together to garner maximum points in discussions.

Crystal Bond, freshman, secondary education

  • Step 1: Supervised Practicum Through Inquiry Approaches to Teaching, TSM 101
  • It was small, and it applied to my major.

Sophie Radder, freshman, environmental sustainability

  • Climate Change, ENV 115
  • We got to meet ROSH.

Jonah Clemons, freshman, multidisciplinary engineering

  • World History I, HIS 100
  • A very interesting class with not a lot of homework. Still very engaging and enjoyable.

Kiera Zimmerman, freshman, communication

  • Geological Disasters, GLG 112
  • I loved it paired with the lab. It was very well-taught and easy to follow. Tests and homework were easy.

Ally, sophomore, civil engineering

  • Climate Change, ENV 115
  • It’s cool and important.

Jesa’lyn Waggoner, sophomore, civil engineering

  • Calculus 3, MAT 238, with Matt Fahy
  • Talked to students like we are actual people.

Lucy Harris, freshman, environmental and sustainability studies

  • Climate Change, ENV 115, with Darrell Kaufman
  • Darrell is so cool and fun; he really cares about his students so much and does everything he can to help us succeed. He also REALLY knows his stuff. I’ve learned so, so much.

Sydney Juve, sophomore, civil engineering

  • Calculus 3, MAT 238
  • Matt Fahy is the best professor I’ve ever had. He makes everything easy to understand while also keeping it fun.

Jules Elio West-May, exchange student, biology

  • Molecular Genetics, BIO 350
  • Consistent, interesting, well explained… Egbert should be proud, challenging but fascinating. I am gutted I missed a class, well worth waking up for.

Douglas Hartman, freshman, civil engineering

  • Climate Change, ENV 115
  • Professor Kaufman and Meriel are really awesome in their knowledge of this topic.

Grace Oliviera, sophomore, secondary education in Earth science

  • Step 2: Supervised Practicum Through Inquiry-based Lesson Design, TSM 201
  • As a STEM education major, I feel a little biased, but it is hands down the best class I’ve taken in my two years at NAU. Teaching how to teach young minds about STEM, how to keep them engaged and wanting to learn is really changing the STEM Education game.

Ava Carr, sophomore, psychological sciences

  • Foundations of Environmental Science: Humans and the Environment, ENV 171
  • Wide range of interesting content. Challenging but not too challenging.

Greta Lara-Kerr, sophomore, psychological sciences

  • Climate Change ENV 115 with Darrell Kaufman
  • The multimedia learning style helps me learn and retain information. The student-focused teaching style allows us to engage in class activities and seek extra help if needed. Dr. Kaufman’s lectures feel important, and I am always excited to attend class.

Warren Lasater, freshman, creative media and film

  • Intro To Filmmaking, CMF-135
  • I love making movies because to me it’s all about telling a story that you’re passionate about. Learning to handle the equipment and bonding with your crew is an amazing experience and I loved every second of it.
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