NAU announces recommendations for non-resident, online tuition

Decision on residential tuition rates delayed


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Northern Arizona University announced tuition rates for non-resident education and online programs. NAU is delaying a decision on 2020-2021 resident tuition rates in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of the current economic environment.

“We understand that in these challenging times, many of our students are facing difficult financial circumstances, and we recognize the value placed on pursuing a degree to improve their future,” said NAU President Rita Hartung Cheng. “NAU is committed to supporting our students in every way possible. We are grateful to all our NAU students and families and understand the hardships many are experiencing during this pandemic.”

Graduate tuition for non-resident students enrolled on the Flagstaff campus and statewide sites will increase 5 percent. Online rates for graduate students will see no changes from the current rates. Online rates for undergraduate students will see an adjustment of $20 per credit hour.

These adjustments help support NAU’s mission and priorities of access through 20 statewide locations and robust online programs, as well as research and discovery with a graduate student population.

NAU is working to protect and retain the four-year Pledge tuition guarantee for undergraduates on the Flagstaff Campus—the 12th year of the Pledge Program. The Pledge Program is an ongoing priority and helps NAU students plan for the cost of their undergraduate education in Flagstaff. The incoming nonresident undergraduate tuition rate will be set at a rate .5 percent higher than the current rate.

“A decision for resident tuition rates for 2020-2021 is being postponed as we study future recommendations,” Cheng said. “We look forward to continued conversations with the state during this critical time and to providing additional information soon.”

NAU proposes no mandatory fee increases for the 2020-2021 academic year. NAU has cut the proportion of class-specific fees in half, from approximately 32 percent of all classes having fees in 2011 to 15 percent today. Five new graduate program fees and one new undergraduate fee are proposed. This includes proposed program fees consistent with new academic programs in cybersecurity and clinical psychology that were recently approved by the Arizona Board of Regents.

Housing and dining rates reflect increased operating costs including utilities, maintenance and staffing. Housing rates will rise 2.71 percent, or $161 per year. NAU’s campus housing rates remain below community housing rates. Dining rates will rise 8.6 percent, an annual increase of $372 to $484 depending on the meal plan chosen. Meal plan rates are guaranteed for two years.

Flagstaff Campus

  • New nonresident undergraduate students: $26,642
  • Nonresident graduate students: $26,954 ($1,224 increase)

NAU Statewide including Yuma and NAU-Yavapai

  • Nonresident undergraduate students: $8,525
  • Nonresident graduate students: $25,169 ($1,180 increase)


  • Undergraduate: $455 per credit hour ($20 per credit hour increase)
  • Graduate: $575 per credit hour ($0 increase)

Personalized Learning

  • Personalized Learning: $3,000/six-month subscription (no change)
  • Personalized Learning-nursing programs: $3,750/six-month subscription (no change)

Program Fees

  • Educational Psychology graduate (PK-12 College and Career Counseling Med)
    • $300 per semester
  • Educational Psychology graduate (Clinical Psychology, PsyD)
    • $3,500 per semester
  • Educational Psychology graduate (combined counseling, school psychology PhD)
    • $750/semester
  • Education Psychology graduate (counseling-school counseling, Med)
    • $500/semester
  • Cybersecurity graduate online
    • $2,750/semester
  • Cybersecurity undergraduate online
    • $1,000/semester

For more information, visit NAU’s proposed tuition and mandatory fee schedule.

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