The 10 most read stories of Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 semester was a big one for NAU—it was the first semester with President José Luis Cruz Rivera at the head, the first one fully back in person in two years (including the first in-person commencement in two years), a fifth cross country national championship and dozens of opportunities for Lumberjacks to make a difference in their industries and communities, both here in Flagstaff and beyond. It was also the introduction of The NAU Review, a revamped newsletter to better enlighten and inform the NAU community, wherever you may be.

As the year ends, here’s a list of our 10 most read stories this semester.

1. Who’s to blame for COVID-19?


2. Humans of Flagstaff: President Cruz Rivera

President Cruz Rivera

3. Worried about the supply chain? Here are the 5 commodities that will be hardest to find

empty shelves

4. Humans of Flagstaff: Jack Reid

Jack Reid driving a car

5. A new avenue for teacher prep

Teacher reading to students

6. Homecoming heritage: Groundskeeping manager named 2021 dedicatee

Ralph Padilla and Michelle Gardner

7. How Día de los Muertos celebrates the living and the dead

Painted skull masks

8. Health care in all languages

Rebeca Flores Lopez in Mexico

9. Who wants to be an astronomer?

Night sky

10. When resources are sacred, what happens when they’re gone?

mountains and lake

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