Contact Us

Contact Us

NAU Communications
PO Box 4133
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Department Number: (928) 523-2282
Fax: (928) 523-9353

NAU Communications works to advance Northern Arizona University’s mission and vision and to promote the accomplishments of students, faculty and staff.

We work with the media and NAU departments to send out press releases, participate in crisis communication, provide public information, answer questions, arrange press conferences, find experts and many other functions related to mass communication.

All on-campus filming requests should be sent to Please allow two weeks for processing, which requires proof of commercial general liability insurance and workers compensation coverage.

Office staff is available 24/7 for emergencies and is readily available to anyone seeking help with getting the word out.

Kimberly Ott, Assistant to the President for Executive Communications and Media Relations
(928) 523-1894

Heidi Toth, Assistant Director of NAU Communications
(928) 523-8737

Carly Banks, Media Relations Officer
(928) 523-5582

Maria DeCabooter, Social Media Manager
(928) 523-2282

McKenzie McLoughlin, Digital Communications Coordinator
(928) 523-2282

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