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Neuroscience of Compassion

NAU’s Neuroscience of Compassion undergraduate program boosts research careers

The program is funded by an NSF grant and is intended to provide research experience to students who don't have such opportunities at their universities. Continue reading

Grasshopper mouse

NAU part of research team to discover rodents produce ultrasonic vocalizations like that of police whistle

The anatomy and mechanisms underlying vocal production are often poorly described, especially in small animals, but thanks to new imaging technology, researchers were able to examine the laryngeal structures of small rodents for the first time. Continue reading

Women's Platform group shot 2015

A platform for women: NAU professor assesses progress of South Africa’s unique program for women immigrants

Anthropology professor Leah Mundell spent in a month visiting with African women to see how their needs were being met through an innovative new program. Continue reading

Group of the 14 students

How cultural perceptions shape NAU student experiences from Israel to the Hopi mesa

For the first time, NAU students embarked on a study-abroad trip to the Middle East to study minority-majority relationships abroad--learning more about themselves than any of them were prepared for. Continue reading

Kayenta Mine

NAU collaboration earns grant to help Navajo Nation diversify economy away from coal production

The partnership will help the Nation’s economic base move from a reliance on coal royalties and job as two mines are slated to close by the end of 2019. Continue reading

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

Wyss, Doris Duke foundations renew partnerships with NAU’s Landscape Conservation Initiative

The conservation partnerships allow NAU to continue offering scholarships and research and educational opportunities in the field. Continue reading

Faith Walker-bat

Hanging with bats: NAU professors share their research and love of this small flying mammal (VIDEO)

For National Bat Week, Carol Chambers and Faith Walker discuss their research into bat behavior, diet, size, relationships and feces, which has been a treasure trove of DNA material for these elusive creatures. Continue reading

Alamosaurus Dinosaur

NAU researcher Christopher Doughty discovers dinosaur dung fertilizes planet

According to Doughty, large animals are important not for the quantity of dung they produce, but for their ability to move long distances across landscapes, effectively mixing the nutrients. But as today’s large animal populations dwindle, the environment too is at risk. Continue reading

Protecting future generations: NAU scientists study Arctic community’s exposure to toxic pollutants

NAU professors Loren Buck and Frank von Hippel are working on a long-term research project on Alaska’s St. Lawrence Island to study the link between hazardous pollutants and the health of the island’s population. Continue reading


NAU professor earns grant to measure economic value of forest ecosystems

Julie Mueller, a professor of business and forestry, will measure the monetary value of services provided by a healthy forest ecosystem. Continue reading

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don't get the flu Know what to do with flu and how to avoid it
This year's flu season is shaping up to be worst than recent years, and Campus Health Services provided a number of ways to minimize exposure to the virus to remain as healthy as possible.
Frederick Gooding NAU ethnic studies professor discusses Martin Luther King’s life, legacy
Frederick Gooding Jr, who studies African-American history, talked about the importance of every American carrying on King's legacy. The 50th anniversary of King's assassination is later this year.
prosthetic foot Public invited to explore NAU’s new Human Performance Lab at ribbon cutting
The lab will allow engineering and physical therapy research focused on improving prosthetic limbs and helping people with neuromuscular diseases.
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Resolutions have been made. But do they work? The common view is most New Year’s resolutions are broken very quickly. But why strive to better yourself only in January? Shouldn’t this goal be a regular part of our lives?
Professor Michelle Mack NAU scientists lead DoD project to assess environmental impact of changing climate on boreal forests
Researchers at NAU recently launched a multi-year project to assess the resiliency and vulnerability of the boreal forest on DoD lands across central Alaska.
NAU professor Loren Buck New NAU study of vertebrate genomes, phenomes, populations to predict response to climate change
Loren Buck received a $540,000 grant from the NSF to study the relationship between an organism's DNA and its related characteristics—and how these relationships emerge at the population level.

Editor’s Picks

NAU’s unique study abroad program wins international award
NAU was honored for its Interdisciplinary Global Program, which allows students to study and work in another country for a full year, helping them to prepare for work in the global economy.
Patient with autism spectrum disorder NAU researcher discovers key to fighting autism may lie not in the mind, but in the gut
Greg Caporaso and team performed fecal microbial transplants, which showed promising results that could lead to a new treatment option.
NAU student-athletes and Louie the Lumberjack join Flagstaff area elementary school students at an assembly. Lumberjack love: NAU student-athletes work with area elementary school children
Members of several NAU sports teams worked with local elementary school students to encourage academic responsibility, good character and fitness through the Lumberjacks C.A.R.E. program