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Neil Websdale

Understanding the far-reaching impact of familicide

Websdale: Research into familicide is helping transform the 'seeming maze' of resources to better serve victims of domestic violence. Continue reading

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Chrissina Burke at excavation site in France NAU zooarchaeologist studies animal-human interaction from American West to Central America (VIDEO)
Anthropology lecturer Chrissina Burke studies animal bones found at archaeological sites to study the relationships between animals and humans through centuries.
Suzuki concert Finding a voice through violin: NAU music program teaches young students how to play music
Suzuki String Program coordinator Karin Hallberg started the program at Marshall Elementary School in 2001. On May 3, 300 students will perform their annual concert.
President Cheng with UTH delegation President Cheng visits with delegation from NAU’s partner university in Mexico
Faculty members and students from Universidad Tecnológico de Hermosillo was on campus for educational exchange and meetings designed to further the collaboration within engineering and hospitality.
NAU cadets helping the Flagstaff community, one box at a time
NAU's Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings have joined forces with squadrons and chapters nationwide to collect donations benefiting Trafficking, Abuse, Prevention and Support.
Michael Horn President’s Distinguished Speaker Series continues with education innovator
Michael Horn, an expert on disruptive innovation, online learning, blended learning and competency-based learning, will speak about transforming the education system to be more student-centered.
Bill Franke Celebrating a decade of impact: How one family changed the lives of 29,504 NAU students
Eric Hughes, a Franke Scholar, didn't think his college experience would include traveling abroad for the first time, earning a prestigious internship and meeting Warren Buffett—but it did, thanks to Bill and Carolyn Franke and the business college that dawns their name.

Editor’s Picks

Underneath the lion: Celebrate the Lunar New Year at NAU with traditional lion dance performances
NAU senior Colleen McDowell struggled with high-functioning autism and depression, then she enrolled in PES100, a Chinese Martial Arts course, and became a lion dancer. Enjoy several performances at NAU and throughout town on Feb. 16 to ring in the year of the dog.
growth of microbial taxa Which microbes matter most? NAU scientists develop technique for measuring bacterial growth rates
Ecoss researchers are using technologies developed at NAU to devise a metric for the growth of microbial species in their natural environments.
Scott Anderson studying Norway lake mud NAU paleoecologist discovering secrets of Northern Norway’s history in lake mud
Scott Anderson is part of a team studying thousand-year-old biomarkers preserved in lake bottoms that tell the story of human activity in Lofoten.