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Christina Schädel

NAU’s Permafrost Carbon Network study links climate policy to reduced effects of emissions from thawing soil

Ted Schuur and Christina Schädel of Ecoss used climate system models to simulate changes in permafrost and what effect those changes would have on carbon storage. Continue reading

Imagine of the moon

NAU planetary scientist’s study suggests widespread presence of water on the Moon

Christopher Edwards and his team analyzed data from two lunar missions and concluded that water appears to be evenly spread across the surface of the moon. Continue reading

Counter propagating laser light excites a long-lived sound wave inside a crystalline solid.

NAU physicist contributes to new optomechanical theory with potential application in quantum computing

A new study describes how scientists used a laser beam to access long-lived sound waves in crystalline solids as the basis for an approach to information processing and storage. Continue reading

Figure 3 map

How could a trade war affect your community and your wallet? NAU experts map potential outcomes

Informatics professors at NAU mapped out how the proposed tariffs—and the international response to those tariffs—affect Americans differently. Continue reading

3MRP 2018 finalists

Doctoral student wins NAU’s 3MRP finals with his Brazilian jiu jitsu-inspired treatment of back pain

Eight graduate students presented at the annual competition, which requires students to explain their research to a lay audience in only three minutes. Continue reading

USDA picture of produce

NAU researchers looking for participants for study on plant-based, nutrient-dense diet

Jay Sutliffe and Wendy Wetzel want to measure the effects of the Nutritarian diet not only on people's health but also on conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Continue reading

Emily Cope in lab

From basic to translational research: NAU scientist uses microbial sequencing to understand and treat respiratory diseases

Emily Cope's research focuses on understanding the microbiome and using that knowledge to develop new treatments for respiratory diseases. Continue reading

Corina Kellner and Taylor Lambrigger in forensic science lab

NAU student using anthropological methods to help ID unidentified human remains (VIDEO)

Taylor Lambrigger and associate professor Corina Kellner are hoping the isotope analysis they use to learn about ancient people can translate into information on unidentified victims today. Continue reading

Phenocam illustration

PhenoCam network harnesses ‘big data’ to predict impact of warmer climate on ecosystem productivity and carbon cycling

A paper by Andrew Richardson describes a vast network of digital cameras designed to capture millions of images documenting seasonal changes of vegetation across North America. Continue reading

Physical therapy clinic

NAU physical therapy students getting hands-on experience through pro bono clinic

The doctoral students work under the supervision of a PT faculty member to offer physical therapy to uninsured and underinsured members of the community. Continue reading

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Latest Site Activity

Jupiter moons orbits NAU astronomer on team that discovered 12 new moons of Jupiter
Chad Trujillo is part of the team that is searching for Planet X, a large ice planet that orbits outside of Pluto. They also discovered a dwarf planet in 2014.
Compost Trash to treasure: NAU’s composting machine turning food waste into fertilizer (VIDEO)
As the awareness level of how harmful trash is to the environment continues to grow, people throughout the world are doing what they can to make a difference. At NAU, that means introducing programs that promote recycling and help reduce trash waste.
rattlesnake ‘In it for the animals:’ NAU snake researcher talks about myths vs. reality around snakes
Herpetologist Erika Nowak is one of the leading experts on the endangered narrow-headed gartersnakes and was one of the first woman scientists to study rattlesnakes 30 years ago, paving the way for an influx of women since.
Man walking on moon For Moon Day, learn how NAU researchers are advancing our understanding of Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor
Professors Nadine Barlow, Christopher Edwards and Mark Loeffler of the Department of Physics and Astronomy talk about how the Moon provides a control for other planetary bodies.
Map of U.S. Citizen-scientist study results find ticks capable of carrying lyme disease in 83 new U.S. counties
As part of the study, people across the country sent in more than 16,000 ticks to NAU researchers who tested them for various bacterial infections. Results show ticks capable of carrying Lyme disease are more widespread than originally thought.
President Cheng in Israel President Cheng joins U.S. delegation to explore bilateral collaboration in Israel
She was part of the American Jewish Council's Project Interchange delegation, which spent a week exchanging ideas on innovation and learning.

Editor’s Picks

Underneath the lion: Celebrate the Lunar New Year at NAU with traditional lion dance performances
NAU senior Colleen McDowell struggled with high-functioning autism and depression, then she enrolled in PES100, a Chinese Martial Arts course, and became a lion dancer. Enjoy several performances at NAU and throughout town on Feb. 16 to ring in the year of the dog.
growth of microbial taxa Which microbes matter most? NAU scientists develop technique for measuring bacterial growth rates
Ecoss researchers are using technologies developed at NAU to devise a metric for the growth of microbial species in their natural environments.
Scott Anderson studying Norway lake mud NAU paleoecologist discovering secrets of Northern Norway’s history in lake mud
Scott Anderson is part of a team studying thousand-year-old biomarkers preserved in lake bottoms that tell the story of human activity in Lofoten.