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D.K.Elliott in lab with fossil heterostracans

358 million years in the making: Work of NAU paleontologist David Elliott featured for National Fossil Day

The Northern Arizona University professor has studied the long-extinct heterostracan fish for more than 40 years. For the first time, the National Park Service will feature a fish for National Fossil Day on Oct. 11—Elliott's fish. Continue reading

Catherine Gehring and students at Sunset Crater

Mommy and me: NAU researcher discovers parent trees may pass drought tolerance to offspring

Soil fungi that help promote drought tolerance in pinyon pine (Pinus edulis), a dominant tree in the Southwest, are passed from mother trees to their offspring, according to research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Continue reading

Julie Baldwin and Diane Stearns

Funded by $21.4 million grant, new NAU research center will address health disparities across Southwest

Professors Julie Baldwin and Diane Stearns will lead the project, which focuses on increasing NAU's basic research capacity to address health disparities among the region's underserved populations. Continue reading

Michelle Parsons

NAU anthropology professor applies lessons learned in post-Soviet Russia to mortality crisis in Yavapai County

Michelle Parson's research, which the NSF is funding, will examine the cultural context of the unprecedented death rates of white, middle-aged Arizonans. Continue reading

Professor holds drone

Seeing the forest for the trees: NAU scientists analyze snowmelt using latest remote sensing technologies

Using the latest remote sensing technologies, NAU scientists will determine the ideal mechanical thinning pattern for optimizing snowmelt in 4FRI forests. Continue reading

Students get ready to deploy seal

NAU students, researchers discover way to harvest energy from the backs of marine species

Nearly three-fourths of this planet is covered in water, meaning 71 percent of the suns solar energy that is constantly striking Earth's surface is lost in the ocean. Or is it? Continue reading

Graduate holds degree in air

NAU’s Personalized Learning program highlighted on PBS (VIDEO)

Watch the stories of two long-distance Lumberjacks whose college education is thanks to this highly-acclaimed competency-based degree program. Continue reading


Wildfire and invasive species driving increased size, cost of public land restoration efforts

NAU and USGS researchers recently published a paper that reveals goals for land management decisions and provides new insight on strategies to increase future treatment efficacy in an extremely water-limited region. Continue reading

NAU logo

NAU gets high marks in research citations from World University Rankings

The World University Rankings recently put NAU in the top 10 percent worldwide for the frequency of NAU’s research being cited by other researchers. Continue reading

Thawing of Arctic cryosphere

NAU ecologist selected to be lead author for global report on cryosphere, dangers of its thawing

Professor Ted Schuur was one of about 100 scientists selected to author the IPCC report on oceans and the cryosphere, or frozen world. Continue reading

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This year's flu season is shaping up to be worst than recent years, and Campus Health Services provided a number of ways to minimize exposure to the virus to remain as healthy as possible.
Frederick Gooding NAU ethnic studies professor discusses Martin Luther King’s life, legacy
Frederick Gooding Jr, who studies African-American history, talked about the importance of every American carrying on King's legacy. The 50th anniversary of King's assassination is later this year.
prosthetic foot Public invited to explore NAU’s new Human Performance Lab at ribbon cutting
The lab will allow engineering and physical therapy research focused on improving prosthetic limbs and helping people with neuromuscular diseases.
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Professor Michelle Mack NAU scientists lead DoD project to assess environmental impact of changing climate on boreal forests
Researchers at NAU recently launched a multi-year project to assess the resiliency and vulnerability of the boreal forest on DoD lands across central Alaska.
NAU professor Loren Buck New NAU study of vertebrate genomes, phenomes, populations to predict response to climate change
Loren Buck received a $540,000 grant from the NSF to study the relationship between an organism's DNA and its related characteristics—and how these relationships emerge at the population level.

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NAU’s unique study abroad program wins international award
NAU was honored for its Interdisciplinary Global Program, which allows students to study and work in another country for a full year, helping them to prepare for work in the global economy.
Patient with autism spectrum disorder NAU researcher discovers key to fighting autism may lie not in the mind, but in the gut
Greg Caporaso and team performed fecal microbial transplants, which showed promising results that could lead to a new treatment option.
NAU student-athletes and Louie the Lumberjack join Flagstaff area elementary school students at an assembly. Lumberjack love: NAU student-athletes work with area elementary school children
Members of several NAU sports teams worked with local elementary school students to encourage academic responsibility, good character and fitness through the Lumberjacks C.A.R.E. program