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NAU ecosystem scientist’s study finds more frequent droughts may endanger ecosystem resiliency

The study, published in Nature, showed as droughts get more frequent and more severe, ecosystems may not have enough time to recover. Continue reading

NAU researcher collaborates on study of risk factors for HIV in men

The study, of which Bruce Hungate was co-author, examined the correlation between HIV infection and the bacteria in the foreskins of infected men. Continue reading

Navajo Nation

NAU researchers, Navajo Nation study effects of groundbreaking ‘unhealthy food’ tax

The tax, first of its kind in the United States in terms of scope, aims to encourage healthy habits among members of the Navajo Nation. Continue reading

Southern grasshopper mouse (Onychomys torridus)

A wolf’s howl in miniature: NAU researchers discover mice speak similarly to humans

NAU assistant professor and lead author on the research Bret Pasch has studied the grasshopper mice, rodents known for their remarkably loud call, for more than three years. Continue reading

NAU professors among leaders on worldwide team to collect temperatures dating back 2,000 years

Three Northern Arizona University professors are among the leaders of an international team to assemble and make available the most complete dataset looking at how temperatures on Earth have changed from 1 AD to the present. This collection is significant … Continue reading

science teaching

NAU earns second NSF grant aimed at recruiting, educating and retaining math and science teachers

Through the Noyce program, math and science education majors can get scholarships as they student-teach as well as support in the first years of teaching. Continue reading

Antibiotic-resistance pathways

NAU ecologist finds tracking bacterial movement between humans, animals key to understanding antibiotic resistance

Benjamin Koch and his co-authors use genomic "tags" to track bacteria similarly to using physical tags to track animal movement through an ecosystem. Continue reading

extended campus

Long-distance Lumberjacks: NAU partnering with school districts, cities to provide degree programs in students’ hometowns

NAU offers cohort-based programs in K-12 administration in the district where teachers work and a public administration program for city of Tempe employees. Continue reading

A 360-degree lifesaving view: NAU professor brings actual health care situations to virtual reality

Petra Williams, a professor of physical therapy, is part of a team that uses immersive virtual reality to introduce students to real-life health care situations. Continue reading

White Rim Riders

NAU researchers discover increasing aridity and land-use overlap causes conflict in dryland areas

Climate change combined with overlapping high-intensity land uses are likely to create conditions detrimental to the recreation economy, wildlife habitat, water availability and other resources in hyper-arid landscapes, or drylands, in the future. Continue reading

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Upward Bound Math and Science program receives renewed $1.56M grant
The grant will allow the year-round college-prep academic outreach program to continue through August 2022—providing opportunities for freshmen and sophomore high school students interested in math and science careers
jamf logo ITS introduces Jamf to remotely manage NAU-owned Macs
In order to provide Northern Arizona University with the latest technology, Information Technology Services will launch a new, computer management system.
cartoon fish BEWARE: Increase in phishing attacks at NAU, how to avoid them
The beginning of the semester is often referred to as “phishing season” for a reason. Find out how to protect yourself.
Homecoming shirt logo 2017 Custom Homecoming t-shirts for NAU departments available for purchase
The Lumberjack Alumni Ambassadors are offering university units and departments the opportunity to pre-order custom 2017 Homecoming t-shirts, featuring your department name on the back.
Car at stopsign SURVEY: Traffic safety in Flagstaff
The NAU community is invited to participate in a brief survey to help the Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization design a safety plan.
Conant poses with a trombone NAU’s ongoing Horizons Concert Series welcomes renowned trombonist
Abbie Conant will perform at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, in Ashurst Hall.

Editor’s Picks

NAU’s unique study abroad program wins international award
NAU was honored for its Interdisciplinary Global Program, which allows students to study and work in another country for a full year, helping them to prepare for work in the global economy.
Patient with autism spectrum disorder NAU researcher discovers key to fighting autism may lie not in the mind, but in the gut
Greg Caporaso and team performed fecal microbial transplants, which showed promising results that could lead to a new treatment option.
NAU student-athletes and Louie the Lumberjack join Flagstaff area elementary school students at an assembly. Lumberjack love: NAU student-athletes work with area elementary school children
Members of several NAU sports teams worked with local elementary school students to encourage academic responsibility, good character and fitness through the Lumberjacks C.A.R.E. program