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Rock and Ingram study map

NAU doctoral student focuses research on Navajo Nation

Tommy Rock is raising awareness about the adverse effects Native Americans have experienced from abandoned uranium mines throughout the reservation. Continue reading

Aerial shot of Kenya

NAU scientist uses remote sensing technologies to detect groundwater in drought-stricken East Africa

A recent grant allowed professor Pat Chavez to conduct this research in hopes of discovering safe drinking water for both humans and livestock in the arid region. Continue reading

NAU researcher part of team that’s using nature to fight climate change

Christopher Schwalm, a professor affiliated with the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, is part of an international team that's examining the land carbon cycle and why plants sometimes retain more carbon dioxide, thus keeping it out of the atmosphere. Continue reading

Patient with autism spectrum disorder

NAU researcher discovers key to fighting autism may lie not in the mind, but in the gut

Greg Caporaso and team performed fecal microbial transplants, which showed promising results that could lead to a new treatment option. Continue reading

Phoenix Biomedical Campus

NAU collaboration earns grant to provide care for substance abuse patients

The grant, totaling $100,000 over two years, will allow the students to work with Phoenix residents in substance abuse rehab facilities, providing real-world experience. Continue reading

Meteor enters Earths atmosphere

NAU, WUSTL collaborate to help dismiss popular mass extinction theory

Paleoecologist Scott Anderson was part of a research team examining previous studies that found rare diamond molecules in 13,000-year-old sediment. Those studies, the team determined, incorrectly identified the molecules. Continue reading

NAU researcher discovers water and heat uplifted the Colorado Plateau

Ryan Porter, an assistant professor studying earthquakes and tectonics, thinks more than just subduction created the undeformed island. Continue reading

Kathleen Hunt

NAU scientist pioneers novel ways to study endangered baleen whales

Research professor Kathleen Hunt has found that baleen stores a wide range of hormonal data that can help chart a female whale’s reproductive history–data which she hopes can be used to help repopulate them. Continue reading

Discovery Channel Telescope

Bald, bright and beautiful—NAU joins UA and Lowell to unveil asteroid characteristics

With the help of the Discovery Channel Telescope, a team of astronomers was able to unveil the physical characteristics of one of the smallest near-Earth asteroids ever observed. Continue reading

ted schuur

NAU ecologist’s predictions reach 9 million readers of popular science publication

Ted Schuur's new article published in Scientific American is likely to have a broad impact on the public’s understanding of this environmental challenge. Continue reading

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Edgerton's self portrait Art where two cultures meet: NAU professor’s art bridges being Black and Japanese
Debra Edgerton, a senior lecturer in the School of Art, is internationally recognized for her exquisite watercolors, mixed media work and scrolls made with handmade paper and found objects.
Kuwait flag NAU students celebrate Kuwait’s National Day with drive around campus
Approximately 15 high-end hot rods, escorted by NAUPD, will display national flags and play traditional Kuwaiti music as they weave their way through campus.
Baltimore Consort Horizon Concert Series brings Shakespearean music to NAU
The Baltimore Consort is coming to NAU as part of the Horizon Concert Series. Discount tickets are available for NAU employees.
Rally about campus sexual assault prevention Researcher to speak at NAU symposium to prevent sexual assault
Mary Koss, who researches campus sexual assault, will speak at the Sexual Assault Symposium at NAU.
Oscar statuettes Making Oscar picks? NAU film instructor opines on likely winners
NAU film instructor Paul Helford shared his picks for the 89th annual Academy Awards.
NAU focus on student success NAU part of national program to improve, share formula for student success
Northern Arizona University has been selected to be part of Frontier Set, an innovative new program to increase student success at universities nationwide.

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NAU’s unique study abroad program wins international award
NAU was honored for its Interdisciplinary Global Program, which allows students to study and work in another country for a full year, helping them to prepare for work in the global economy.
Patient with autism spectrum disorder NAU researcher discovers key to fighting autism may lie not in the mind, but in the gut
Greg Caporaso and team performed fecal microbial transplants, which showed promising results that could lead to a new treatment option.
NAU student-athletes and Louie the Lumberjack join Flagstaff area elementary school students at an assembly. Lumberjack love: NAU student-athletes work with area elementary school children
Members of several NAU sports teams worked with local elementary school students to encourage academic responsibility, good character and fitness through the Lumberjacks C.A.R.E. program