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What Darwin got right

Shuster: Charles Darwin got many things right related to natural selection and inheritable traits. Continue reading

NAU graduates

Put the dream of higher education within reach of all Arizona students

A statement by the Arizona Board of Regents Enterprise Executive Committee. Continue reading

In the kitchen

Hop into home-brew and celebrate craft beer culture

Molinaro: This week is Arizona Beer Week and we’re fortunate to be in a community with such a thriving culture. Continue reading

Stephen Nuno

Many questions remain in the presidential election process

Nuño: Many questions remain in the primary elections, including effects of the minority electorate. Continue reading

Phillips Old Main wedding

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day: A campus love story. Continue reading

The east side of Old Main

Holiday messages from Northern Arizona University students, faculty and staff

During the holiday season and throughout the year, there are so many reasons to feel grateful. Continue reading

Bryan Loveless

Why to give to United Way

Loveless: For every dollar you give, much more comes back to the community. Continue reading

Vidal Mendoza

Thankful to be a first-generation college student

Mendoza: I am proud to be the first in my family to work toward a college degree. Continue reading

Shania Valentine

Finding home and balance at NAU

Valentine: It was difficult finding balance, until I found my home away from home. Continue reading

Marc McCrorie

NAU’s new generation of veterans

McCrorie: Recognizing veterans who keep our country strong. Continue reading

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Latest Site Activity

Andrew Richardson PhenoCam Warmer temperatures lengthen growing season, increase plants’ vulnerability to frost, NAU researcher finds
Ecologist Andrew Richardson used his camera network to track the counterintuitive effects that climate change has on forests throughout the country.
NAU ITS NAU implementing two-step verification to prevent data, payroll theft
Two-Step Verification is a security measure that requires two factors to verify your identity online. These factors include something you know (your password) and something you have (your mobile device or hardware token).
Parking permits for 2018-19 academic year available for purchase online
As the start of the fall semester draws near, Parking Services would like to remind faculty and staff that current permits expire Aug. 14.
Adair and Kitty in the field NAU undergrad research examines role of soil fungi in pinyon pine survival during record drought
A team of NAU researchers has been studying the importance of soil fungi to the growth and survival of pinyon pine for more than two decades. Now, an NAU undergrad is serving as the study’s lead author.
stacks of wood Warming the community: NAU’s garden provides firewood to those in need
When trees needed to be cut down to accommodate a new Southwest Experimental Garden Array, instead of disposing of them, NAU partnered with Wood for Winter Warmth, a Sunnyside Neighborhood Association program that provides free firewood to elderly and low-income residents of northern Arizona.
Mobile app brings real-time tracking to NAU shuttles
The app will also feature up-to-minute announcements that take the guesswork out of waiting for a bus, resulting in less time at the bus stop.

Editor’s Picks

Underneath the lion: Celebrate the Lunar New Year at NAU with traditional lion dance performances
NAU senior Colleen McDowell struggled with high-functioning autism and depression, then she enrolled in PES100, a Chinese Martial Arts course, and became a lion dancer. Enjoy several performances at NAU and throughout town on Feb. 16 to ring in the year of the dog.
growth of microbial taxa Which microbes matter most? NAU scientists develop technique for measuring bacterial growth rates
Ecoss researchers are using technologies developed at NAU to devise a metric for the growth of microbial species in their natural environments.
Scott Anderson studying Norway lake mud NAU paleoecologist discovering secrets of Northern Norway’s history in lake mud
Scott Anderson is part of a team studying thousand-year-old biomarkers preserved in lake bottoms that tell the story of human activity in Lofoten.