Vital springs need protection and study

Springer: Springs continue to be understudied and inadequately protected. Continue reading

TC Eberly

Time to hit the bike path

Eberly: Start your personal biking season and enjoy the simple beauty and efficiency of commuter bicycling.  Continue reading

ERI Director Diane Vosick at Hart Prairie, 2011.

A race against megafire to save our forests

Vosick: It is a race against time to save our forests. Continue reading


Video highlights from President Cheng’s installation

Cheng: NAU is an outstanding university with an enviable future. Continue reading

Michelle Miller 2014

How our brains encode information

Miller: Of all the things our minds and brains do, memory may be the most important thing. Continue reading

Billy Distler

NAU is a life-changing place to earn a graduate degree

Distler and Rochman: As a grad student I earned a degree and many life lessons. Continue reading


Celebrating new beginnings

Hughes: Delighted to call Rita Cheng president. Continue reading

Nicole Walker

April is National Poetry Month

Walker: Poetry is the spark and the substance underlying life's many activities. Continue reading

Wally Convington

Restoring forest health is an imperative

Covington: Increased water yield, economic benefits linked to managing forests. Continue reading

Shannon Erickson Blog

NAU supports transfer students

Erickson: NAU supports transfer students like me. Continue reading

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Veteran Medal Online veteran programs earn recognition in ‘U.S. News’ rankings
Northern Arizona University’s online bachelors and graduate degree programs were ranked in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Programs for Veterans.
Updated messaging system to replace Lync
Lync users across Northern Arizona University's campus should expect to see changes to the instant messaging system throughout the coming year.
Abe-Springer-2 Vital springs need protection and study
Springer: Springs continue to be understudied and inadequately protected.
Humphreys Trail NAU student project guides hiking safety program
The Preventative Search and Rescue Project aims to educate visitors about preparedness for the rigorous climb to Humphrey's Peak and reduce the need for rescue efforts.
Bedzin ghetto Holocaust exhibit now online
“Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Będzin Ghetto,” developed by NAU undergraduates, can now be viewed online.
Nepal relief map NAU professor’s interactive map guides relief to areas of need in Nepal
Digitally pinpointing areas of need in Nepal overcomes obstacles on the ground.

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Chocolate Eat dark chocolate to beat the midday slump, NAU study says
An EEG study performed by NAU researchers shows chocolate can increase brain characteristics of attention and significantly affect blood pressure levels.
Teki Sankey UAV3 Extra time means more flying as NAU researcher awaits one-of-a-kind octocopter
Unmanned aerial vehicles with cameras and sensors provide detail unavailable from satellite photos.
Pedway NAU contributes nearly $2 billion to Arizona economy, new study says
NAU serves 27,000 students statewide and creates one in five jobs in Coconino County.