Alex Hayes 3

The gift of Dale Carnegie Training

Hayes: A highlight in NAU's business college is the Dale Carnegie Training. Continue reading

Sean Anthony

The Road to Rio

Anthony: NAU and Flagstaff are playing important roles in the upcoming Olympic Games. Continue reading

Tom Filsinger

Never underestimate the power of you

Filsinger: Coping with stress effectively is all about personal empowerment. Continue reading

Lela Montfert

Overcoming challenges through giving back

It is in this time of shared challenge that I feel even more inclined to give, not only my time and energy but through direct monetary donations. Continue reading

Celeste Headlee

March is International Listening Month

Headlee: Go out, listen and prepare to be amazed. Continue reading

Anna Sosa

Traditional versus electronic toys

Sosa: Trading electronics for traditional toys and books may boost early language development. Continue reading


What Darwin got right

Shuster: Charles Darwin got many things right related to natural selection and inheritable traits. Continue reading

NAU graduates

Put the dream of higher education within reach of all Arizona students

A statement by the Arizona Board of Regents Enterprise Executive Committee. Continue reading


Hop into home-brew and celebrate craft beer culture

Molinaro: This week is Arizona Beer Week and we’re fortunate to be in a community with such a thriving culture. Continue reading

Stephen Nuno

Many questions remain in the presidential election process

Nuño: Many questions remain in the primary elections, including effects of the minority electorate. Continue reading

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Latest Site Activity

Kia Soul Students’ creative strategies build resumes and highlight Kia Soul
Advertising projects for NAU seniors provide real-world experiences and a takeaway product book.
pexels-photo-67654-medium Vote on NAU student film projects at upcoming film festival
The Northern Arizona Student Film Festival will be held at the Orpheum theater. The public is invited to watch the short films and choose favorites.
Une Tempete Césaire’s ‘Une Tempête’ performed for Shakespeare Festival finale
The play, a post-colonial take on Shakespeare's work, is presented in French with English subtitles.
Wilson Riles and Lawrence Walkup ‘Louie’s Legacy’ turns campus into walkable museum
Digital tour relies on QR codes to walk participants through NAU history on campus.
San Francisco Street parking garage North entrance to parking garage temporarily closed
Access to the San Francisco parking garage is limited to the south entrance until May 10.
Senior showcase Senior creativity on display at Bachelor of Fine Arts Show
Wood clocks, prints, ceramics, paintings, human-form sculptures and a vessel with films shown within are featured.

Editor’s Picks

Scot Raab, Army Reservist and assistant professor, Athletic Training Education NAU honored with ‘Above and Beyond’ award by Department of Defense
Arizona’s Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve—a division of the Department of Defense—recently announced that NAU will be honored with the Above and Beyond Award.
Math Mentors Program offers mathematical solutions for incoming freshmen
NAU's remedial math program has been recognized as a standout for preparing incoming freshman for college.
Pluto image from New Horizons A surprise on Pluto leads NAU’s Trilling to unexpected conclusion
Researcher turns attention to lack of craters in prominent region of Pluto.